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The Effect of Financial Literacy Course Towards Financial Knowledge and Saving Intention for Student in SDN Cikawari 1 and SDN Mekar Jaya 1

Istamitra Pratita, Sylviana Damayanti


Abstract. Economic growth is always been a goal of the government in every country since it reflects the prosperity of its people. Indonesian government believe that by increasing financial inclusion, economic growth will be increased. Therefore, Indonesian government set the target to increase financial inclusion up to 75% by the end of 2019. Meanwhile, increasing financial inclusion has to be followed by the increasing of financial literacy. Therefore, the researcher focusing on improving the financial literacy of individuals especially kids between third grade until sixth grade. The reason behind it because teaching kids is like writing on a white paper, rather than correcting negative habits that has been formed. This study uses experimental research to know the effect of financial literacy course towards financial knowledge and saving intention for student in elementary school. There will be treatment group and control group to make the comparison. The result suggest that a well targeted financial literacy course can increase financial knowledge for student in elementary school. Moreover, the research indicated those who took the course of financial literacy is associated with the increasing of saving intention.

Keywords: Financial Knowledge; Financial Attitudes; Experimental Research; Saving Intention


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