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Restructuring Business Model in Integrating Property Industry and Digital Platform by Applying Sharia Principle

Puti Qisthi Nerissa, Deddy Priatmodjo Koesrindartoto


Abstract. The rise of new digital industrial technology called by Industry 4.0 has transformed how enterprises are enabling faster, more flexible, and even more efficient process. There are many examples of industries which applied digital platform, such as e-commerce and digital platform. Financial technology is one of product that combine financial and technology services which transform unbanked people to be able reach financial support. However, due to the new principal, people are still looking for the suitable business model that combines property business with digital platform. The study conducts case study from one of digital start-up platform called which their businesses are focusing in property investment using digital platform. In the beginning of this paper, it discusses regarding the landscape of digital platform ecosystem, including financial technology, and property industry in Indonesia along with the trend that will affect them. Benchmarking with the proper examples from developed countries of how business model in combining those two systems is one of the method which is being used in this study. This study also examines how sharia principle can be applied in the business model. The paper consists of findings and analysis in the market condition, the current applied business model, the best practices, and choose which model that can be applied in the new business model. The final result of this study is finding the best solution and suitable business model, in terms of digital business, for property industry in Indonesia.

Keywords: Digital Platform, Financial Technology, Property Industry, Business Model, Sharia Principle


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