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Validating the Youth Identity Questionnaire for Identifying Post Millennial Online Identity as the Future Talent

Achmad Ghazali, Dany Muhammad Athory Ramdlany, Cahyaningtyas Nova Puspitadewi


Abstract. Post-millennial generation, a 72.8 million population, begins to enter the workforce and is considered entirely different in term of how they socialize with others compared to the previous generations. This generation has been growing up in the era of technology and social media. They got an impact on identity formation because internet access provides them to communicate with people from diverse cultures, countries, societies, and religions. The aim of this study to assesses the validity of the questionnaire of youth social identity among students. There are six youth social identity, namely relational identity, occupational identity, political identity, ethnic/religious identity, and stigmatized identity. The research employed a quantitative method to gain data. The results indicate the instrument is valid and reliable for assessing the youth social identity. The result shows that the youth presents their self as a person who has good achievement in their interest, proud to be part of social activities, and possesses good relationship among their friends or family. The findings can assist the employer to predict the identity of their future employee in order to create a policy in recruiting, managing, and developing them. Organizations should attempt to get a better understand about youth online identities, as they will be future talents

Keywords: youth identity; social media; post-millennial generation



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