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Customer Preferences Toward Cashless Payment Methods In Culinary Industry

Qosimatur Roosyidah, Shimaditya Nuraeni


Abstract. Culinary industry is one of the biggest and known as most competitive business sector in Indonesia. The development of technology, supported the cashless payment method to be adapted into any business sector, not to mention culinary industry. Even though most of the customers in this industry are millennials who are more capable using cashless payment method, but the other segment is still preferred other types of payment. This research aimed to investigate and explore the acceptance of Bandung people toward cashless payment method. Furthermore, the motivation behind the adaptation of cashless payment method also being explored. The methodology of this research is using qualitative data, path analysis for the data and SPSS as a tool of analysis. The research explained that there is a relationship between customer preferences and technology acceptance of cashless payment methods.

Keywords: Customer preferences; Cashless Payment; Technology Acceptance


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