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The Impact of Hijab Towards Source Credibility and Purchase Intention: Case Study of Hijabi Beauty Guru Review on Safi Skin Care in Youtube

Caren Christy Putri Yohanes, Ira Fachira


Abstract. The beauty gurus on YouTube are becoming aspirational figures that suggested to have a strong influence on the minds of the consumers. As the Muslim market growth significantly, the usage of Islamic symbol to sell a product has become a thing that is very considered by the brand. This study aims to explore the impact of Islamic symbol, precisely beauty gurus who wear hijab on YouTube towards purchase intention by Indonesian Muslims women. Source Credibility Model was adapted to explore its impact on consumer attitude that leads to purchase intentions. The author has collected primary data through experimental study. Non-parametric Mann-Withney test will also be conducted to gain insights for the Muslim market’s preference between hijabi versus non-hijabi beauty guru. The results are summarized as follows: (1)there is a positive influence between perception towards appearance (hijab) to source credibility, (2)there is a positive influence between source credibility to consumer attitude, and (3)there is a positive influence between consumer attitude to purchase intention. Besides, beauty guru with hijab appears to be more favourable compared to non-hijabi beauty guru. The finding of this research is expected to enhance skincare brands’ knowledge of the importance of hijab to win the enormous Muslim market.

Keywords: Hijab; Beauty Guru; Source Credibility Model; Attractiveness; Trustworthiness; Consumer Attitude; Purchase Intention

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