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The Power of Nostalgia Marketing to Indonesian Millennials Customers

Vanesa Valensca, Ira Fachira


Abstract. Worldwide market is seen to be following the marketing trend that inserted nostalgic cues to brand narrative and selling purposes. However, there’s not much literature provided to Indonesian millennials customers and may not be as relevant to their cultural context. Adapting framework of Lammersma and Wortelboer (2017) and Bhuyan (2011), the objective of this research is to clarify the relationship between Indonesian millennials and nostalgia, to explore rightful nostalgic elements, and analyse the impact of nostalgic video advertising towards brands’ attractiveness, attitude, and purchase intention. The two brands observed are FMCG brands: Indomie and Indoeskrim. There will be two phases in the study, exploratory descriptive questionnaires to 30 saturated respondents and experimental statistics questionnaires to 1013 respondents. Correlation analysis and Mann Whitney U test, shows positive relationship between Indonesian millennials’ with nostalgia and confirms that nostalgic advertisements are more attractive. However, on popular brand as Indomie, nostalgic video ad performed equally to non-nostalgic one, while on the lesser-known brand as Indoeskrim, nostalgic video ad outperformed the non-nostalgic. The research findings can be a future reference on nostalgia marketing implementation for marketers.

Keywords: Nostalgia; Nostalgia Marketing; Advertising; Customer Perception; Brand Attitude; Purchase Intention; Millennials

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