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Measuring SMM Effectiveness and Comparing Customer Engagement on Facebook and Instagram: The Case Study of Ngopi UK in Birmingham

Maghfira Ramadhanty, Prawira Fajarindra Belgiawan


Abstract. Social media has become a very important part of our daily life and ever since internet gets more and more easily accessible, it indirectly also expands the benefits of social media, which includes the offering of new marketing tools for businesses. As a newly established business, Ngopi UK, which is the first Indonesian coffee shop to be built in the United Kingdom, aims to implement a marketing strategy that can make them gain a large amount of profit with as minimal effort as possible. They determine to know the performances of their current social media marketing (SMM) platforms, which are Facebook and Instagram, whether or not they have been effective in raising sales and which one of them is more effective in engaging customers. We collect two types of data directly from Ngopi UK, consisting of sales reports and social media metrics. The result shows that Ngopi UK's social media marketing has significantly impacted their sales. Furthermore, Instagram is proven to be more engaging than Facebook. Based on this result, it is recommended for new coffee shops like Ngopi UK to utilize social media marketing as their marketing tool, especially Instagram as their main platform.

Keywords: Customer Engagement; Facebook; Instagram; Social Media Marketing

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