The Indonesian Journal of Business Administration

width=The Indonesia Journal of Business Administration(IJBA) is a business journal that bridges the gap between business research and practice, evaluating and reporting on new research to help readers identify and understand significant trends in their fields.

The IJBA seeks to publish papers relating to business, broadly defined. It publishes articles that address both theoretical and practical issues in the broad areas of Business Strategy and Marketing, People and Knowledge Management, Entrepreneurship and Technology Management, Decision Making and Strategic Negotiation, Operation and Performance Management, and Business Risk and Finance. Contributing academicians and researchers are encouraged to address a variety of concerns relating to all areas of business. We also encourage students to use an interdisciplinary approach to analyzing a topic, which often yields interesting and novel papers.

The published articles provide valuable insight into matters of broad intellectual and practical concern to academicians and business professionals. The Journal is published three times a year: in April, July and October.

The journal is mainly an outlet of MBA ITB students to publish their final project works. A published paper is an honour that will be unambiguously beneficial for professional and academic careers, especially for those who want to attend graduate/professional schools.

Print ISSN: 2252-3464; Online ISSN: 2252-9284

Vol 8, No 2 (2019)

Table of Contents


Affan Setiawan, Mohammad Hamsal
Arief Fauzi, Yudo Anggoro
Elisabeth Dian Kumalasari, Yudo Anggoro
Evinka Putri Imuri, Yuni Ros Bangun
Ingelora Loudia Anggita, Achmad Ghazali
Intan Mashayu, Hermawan Kartajaya
Jonathan Christian Susanto, Hermawan Kartajaya
Kharisma Rengganis, Amol Titus
Lukman Siregar, Yos Sunitiyoso
Mohammad Philby, Mohammad Hamsal
Nabila Sarah Permana, Asnan Furinto
Ravelino Agoes, Alibasjah Inggriantara
Ryandana Aldipta, Yudo Anggoro
Wang Yanan, Isrochmani Murtaqi
Zesyara Melati Auzriani G, Alibasjah Inggriantara
Andri Hilary, Yudo Anggoro
Dhini Inassa, Priyantono Rudito
Melia Handayani, Achmad Fajar Hendarman