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Business Strategy Formulation For Growing Competitiveness Of Rumah Kopi Serang Coffee Shop

Harry Panangian Simanjuntak, Bambang Rudito


Abstract. Rumah Kopi Serang is a coffee shop located in Serang city that offers a variety of coffee-based drinks with best quality raw material, to compete and survive in the coffee industry, Rumah Kopi Serang need to grow their competitiveness. There are 3 main problem that need to be addressed by Rumah Kopi Serang, that are the lack of promotional activities  resulted in the low awareness of the brand in the eyes of consumers, and it is still weak and lack of human resources to support the performance of this business that affect to sales. It is necessary to do an analysis of the company’s internal and external environment. These factors were then summarized into a SWOT analysis then formulated into the analysis of EFAS (Eksternal Factor Analysis Summary), IFAS (Internal Factor Analysis Summary) and SFAS (Strategic Factor Analysis Summary), that were applied into IE matrix chart, showing the position of Rumah Kopi Serang entrance on the first cell ( build and grow) and then Quantitative Strategic Planning Matrix (QSPM) will be used, as well as the new proposed for Segmentation, Targeting, and positioning, business models canvas, and marketing mix. there is a conclusion and the most appropriate strategy for Rumah Kopi Serang to deal with the issues. Intensive strategy is considered to be the most proper strategy, consisting of market penetration, product development, and marketdevelopment, which described in an action plan.

Keywords: Intensive strategy, Marketing Mix, Business Model Canvas



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