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Building Organizational Design Framework Using Organizational DNA Profile

Viek Prayoga Pratama, Aurik Gustomo


Abstract – Facing domestic market down-turn, and long term strategic plan urgencies, PT. Len Railway Systems (LRS) should reorganize itself to expand to regional market accordingly, which requires the organization to have strong execution and highly agile. To design such organization is not just simply by changing the organization structure, but should also consider the strategic plan requirements, which aligned with the  four organizational DNA (OrgDNA) building blocks. This research develop new organizational design framework. which shows clearer specific unit requirements, where the information flow is hampered and also  shows which organizational grouping is more engaging for the employee.The proposed framework for this specific case study are capable to define new business-process-based organizational grouping, which should clarify the key process, a new decision making process, an institutionalized internal and external information flow protocols, a lateral and horizontal promotion or rotation, a non-financial rewards, and an integrated management system, and also a cross functional process-based management for core business process on organization structure for LRS


Keyword : organizational design, process-based organization, information-based organization, Organizational DNA, organizational design framework, railway system company organization.


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