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Measuring And Improving Employee Engagement On Generation Z Employees (A Study In Pt Bdab)

Pasyhw Sebastian, Hary Febriansyah


Abstract. Currently at its sixth year of operation, PT BDAB-an SME based in Bandung-has gone through several organization makeovers. With a team currently filled with Generation Z employees in the company, PT BDAB faces a risk of repeating another episode of organization makeovers in the
future. As seen on the 2021 data of CareerBuilder–US based career site–the average time Gen Z employees spend in a role or job is two years and three months, even less than the millennials’ average of two years and nine months. This behavior is suspected due to several reasons, with one of them being the low level/lack of employee engagement. This research aimed to help PT BDAB minimize the risk of employee turnover by measuring the current condition of employee engagement in PT BDAB. With a qualitative method by interviewing 14 employees of PT BDAB, the results showed several drivers of employee engagement that were neglected in PT BDAB. By implementing plans to improve the engagement drivers, PT BDAB can improve its employee engagement and minimize the risk of another complete organization makeover.

Keywords: Employee Engagement, Generation Z, Small-Medium Entreprise


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