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Relationship Between Marketing Mix Element And Customer Loyalty Towards Uncle Chen Resataurant

Muhammad Hamzah Khadafi, Annisa Rahmani Qastharin


The city of Bandung is one of the cities that has become a culinary destination in Indonesia with a fast growing number of restaurants. The rapid development of the number of restaurants in the city of Bandung has made the competitive environment in several segments even tighter. Uncle Chen, a restaurant located in the city of Bandung which has noodles called bakmi as its main product, has been affected by that competitive environment. This study has the objective of identifying the relationship between the elements of the Marketing Mix and Consumer Loyalty. This study used a quantitative approach and collected data with an online survey to 230 Uncle Chen customers. The data that has been collected is processed using the PLS-SEM method. The study discovered that the elements of the Service Marketing Mix except Process have a significant positive relationship with Consumer Satisfaction and Consumer Satisfaction is also significantly positively related with Consumer Loyalty. The findings of this study provide recommendations to restaurant managers, to plan their marketing strategy based on Marketing Mix elements that have been identified as having a significant positive relationship with Consumer Loyalty


Keywords: Marketing Mix, Customer Satisfaction, Customer Loyalty, Uncle Chen


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