Analyzing The Influence Of Smma And Cx On Uniqlo’s Instagram Shop Purchase Intention Through Relationship Quality


  • Muhammad Daffa Rivalki Afif
  • Nurrani Kusumawati


Social media has become a necessary platform for many businesses in the world. As their
new advanced features called Instagram Shop, allow enterprises to create direct communication and good relationships with their customers. As well as to assist them in making purchases easier in order to increase purchase intention. Many of the global leading brands already use this new feature. Therefore, businesses that use social media as a marketing strategy and a purchase method platform should be supported by appropriate marketing activities and provide a positive customer experience in order to improve the relationship quality between customer and the brand. This study examines the variables Social Media Marketing Activity (SMMA) and Customer Experience (CX) to assess the quality of the customer relationship, which can influence one of the customer behavioral outcomes, which is Purchase Intention (PI). This study’s sample consists of users in Indonesia who use social media and have purchased Uniqlo through an instagram shop for the last six months. SmartPLS 3 was used to measure and analyze the 250 online questionnaire surveys. The findings indicate that Social Media Marketing Activity (SMMA) have a significant influence on customer’s Purchase Intention (PI) through Relationship Quality (RQ). While Customer Experience (CX) has a direct influence on customer’s Purchase Intention (PI). This research guides enterprises that use Social Media Marketing Activity (SMMA) and Customer Experience (CX) dimensions to achieve marketing objectives and generate long-term performance as a medium to increase Purchase Intention (PI). 

Keywords: Social Media Marketing Activities, Customer Experience, Relationship Quality, Purchase Intention, Instagram Shop