Business Plan Tani Berhasil: Rice Field Harvest Services Business Using Combine Harvester Machine


  • Aulia Achmad Jibril
  • Ilma Aulia Zaim


Tani Berhasil, established in 2021, is a business based in Sidoarjo, East Java which engage in an agricultural industry. Tani Berhasil put a business plan into action thanks to this research. A business plan is a collection of presentations outlining a company's operational plans. The author's goal in writing this business plan was to provide all different kinds of plans, which have been condensed into a number of chapters and sub-chapters, each with a specific set of guidelines. The other aims of this research is to optimize the performance of the firm to get a better output in the future. Business Model Canvas is used to create a business plan that covers everything from financial options for the company to production process to target market sales. The author has improved Tani Berhasil’s plan to business action as an output of this research. As part of the process, 25 rice field owners (From numbers of group farmers) who own minimum a hectare of rice field in one group farmers are selected for the interview for this research. The author gathers data from a variety of sources using both primary and secondary data sources, including conducting interviews and focus group discussion, focusing on journals, as well as data from the government or other sources from a recognized formal institution. Tani Berhasil intends to help minimize a variety of economic challenges that have arisen as a result of COVID-19. Harvest services using combine harvester machine is a services that Tani Berhasil sells.


Keywords: Business Plan, Agriculture, Tani Berhasil, Combine Harvester Machine