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An Empirical Investigation Of User Continuance Intention And Behaviour On Mobile Ticketing Service

Syahrul Kamal Ashefi, Santi Novani


Mobile ticketing service (MTS) allows users to place an order, pay for, obtain and validate tickets anywhere–anytime from the comfort of his/her mobile device. There was an unfortunate occurrence in the MTS industry that led to a horrifying response from users that express their disappointment towards the platform, resulting in the removal installment of the platform. There is still lack of studies that focus on the continuance use of MTS, many studies solely focus on its acceptance. Derived from the ITC theory with an additional dimension of service quality, this study aims to discover the determinant that impacts user continuance intention on mobile ticketing service and to confirm its relation towards the continuance behaviour. This research uses a quantitative approach. The data were collected from 339 Indonesian MTS users and proceeded using PLS-SEM. The result shows that postadoption perceived usefulness, postadoption perceived service quality, and satisfaction are the key factors on user continuance intention in using MTS. Disconfirmation of preadoption perceived usefulness influences both postadoption perceived usefulness and satisfaction. Disconfirmation of preadoption perceived service quality influences both preadoption perceived service quality and satisfaction. This study confirmed that their continuance intention impacts user continuance behaviour on MTS.

Keywords: Mobile ticketing service, continuance intention, continuance behaviour, information technology continuance theory.


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