The Correlation Between Employee’s Satisfaction And Startup’s Turnover Rate


  • Pradna Cantikatmaka Renaningtyas
  • Nur Arief Rahmatsyah Putranto


Abstract: Startup is a business or a company that has not been established yet. This company is still in the process of researching and developing their establishment into the right market. Those things made startup and its culture somehow become a trendy things in the business world. Yet many seems to be facing difficulties in maintaining the level of their turnover in ten percent or below. Startup companies seems to be very much dynamic compare to the established ones and mature, and PT. XYZ is having the same  issues. When talking about the relationship between employee satisfaction and productivity in PT XYZ, no clear barrier over an employee's working hours for some startups may potentially muddy the line over their life balance as well. Several employees in PT. XYZ was not providing any financial compensation other than the religion incentive also known as THR in Indonesia. Overtime payment is unavailable as well as the working hour is deemed to be 'flexible' therefore it is hard to tell whether one is already working overtime, added with the probability of the toxic working environment within PT. XYZ, these factors combined, are potentially suitable to be the culprit behind their relatively high turnover rate.


Keywords: Company’s Turnover rate, Startup company, Employee satisfaction