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Business Plan Of Smart Pharmacy

Anazda Zuama Adiratna, Fitri Aprilianty


The era of technology has proven to increase business opportunities, especially in the internet and social media fields. Businesses that can be built through social media have proven to be profitable for businesses and users of businesses.. Recently, people's need for medicines and vitamins is getting higher especially during this type of Covid-9 in which health becomes a very important matter. Therefore, we need easy access to places to buy medicines and vitamins that can be easily reached by everyone so that they can receive prompt and appropriate treatment whenever they are. This idea is to give an idea of how to rise to an online pharmacy brand that can be accessed via mobile phones. The analysis is using qualitative methods. The result is that this system is made so that every user can order, ask for information about drugs and vitamins, and get drugs and vitamins easily online. At the same time, the online business industry is also in the midst of peak growth. Hundreds to thousands of people make it the perfect subject for business. From this document a channel plan is made for an investment of around IDR 50,000,000 in the initial month for capital before income from sales later. Therefore, this business plan is very much needed to support the newly-invented business idea with the hope of getting more attention and profit as well.

Keywords: medicines, pharmacy, online store



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