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The Influence Of Limited Edition On Purchase Intention Of Indonesia Streetwear Clothing Brands

Alma Nur Azizah, Annisa Rahmani Qastharin


The streetwear fashion trend in Indonesia has only recently emerged on the Indonesian fashion scene. Along with this trend, there is a problem in Indonesia's streetwear brands, which due to the large number of consumers can lead to disinterest in the goods desired or already purchased by customers, which ends with the customer canceling their purchase intention. Given these problems, Limited edition can be used as a solution. The purpose of this research is to determine whether the limited edition strategy can be an effective solution to this problem in Indonesia, as well as the factors that influence the purchase request for limited edition products. This study examines the effects of scarcity needs, uniqueness needs, self-expression, and consumer visibility on consumer purchase intentions. First the methodology that was used in this study is qualitative method Semi-structured interviews were conducted with 15 interviewees to obtain and ensure that the limited edition factors in the literature corresponded to the opinions of customers in Indonesia. And after determining the characteristics, researchers used a survey with 205 respondents to continue the analysis. Furthermore, PLS SEM is used in this study to examine the relationship between variables. The findings indicate that each character in the limited edition has an impact on customers' purchase intentions for streetwear in Indonesia. The findings of this study are expected to increase knowledge for both limited edition and streetwear marketing, allowing brands in Indonesia to maximize their streetwear business in terms of profit and brand image.


Keywords: Fashion Streetwear, Purchase Intention, Limited Edition, PLS SEM


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