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The Effect Of Social Media Marketing Towards Fomo Tendencies On Impulse Shopping Behavior On The Fashion Industry

Maulidya Azzahra, ira fachira


Social media and its impact on consumers' Fear of Missing Out and impulsive buying behavior have been extensively discussed by journals, but there are gaps in the literature that exist. Factors like social media marketing have a significant influence on FOMO tendencies that leads to impulse shopping behavior, according to previous research. This study aims examining the effect of social media marketing and how it influences the consumer FOMO tendencies on impulsive shopping behavior on fashion industry. This research employs a quantitative methodology, using an online survey technique. The respondents are 245 Indonesian citizen whose interest in fashion content advertisement. Analyzed by the PLS-SEM method using the SmartPLS application. This study's findings reveal that social media  marketing trigger someone’s FOMO, and that FOMO are affecting someone to make impulsive buying. By knowing the impact of social media marketing on FOMO, marketers can use social media marketing techniques as their marketing method. By exploiting the effects, marketing managers may optimize the benefits of impulse purchase. The findings can also assist managers in strategizing marketing strategies by including the identified impulse buying triggers.

Keywords: Impulsive Shopping Behavior; Social Media Participation; Social Media Marketing, Fear of Missing Out, Fashion Industry



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