Factors Influencing Brand Switching Of Facial Wash Product Case Study Of Generation Z’s Men


  • Muhamad Rafly Fauzi
  • Budi Permadi Permadi Iskandar


Currently, the skincare industry is developing quite rapidly and Indonesia is predicted to become the second largest contributor in the world in skincare growth. This growth in skincare is not only the result of the contribution of women but also men. Currently, around 68% of men in Indonesia have started using skincare. Of the many types of skin care, facial wash is the brand most used by men in Indonesia. To get the best face wash product, a man has to do trial and error. Because of this, brand switching of facial wash occurs. This research will examine what factors influence a man in switching the brand of facial wash they use. This study uses qualitative methods by interviewing informants. The interview process uses a semi-structured interview technique. This interview was conducted with 12 respondents with the criteria of a Gen-Z man, university student, and living in Jabodetabek and Bandung. From the interviews that have been conducted, there are five factors that influence a person to change the facial wash brand they use, these factors are price, sales promotion, word of mouth, alternatives, and product quality.

Keywords: Brand switching, brand switching factor, facial wash product, Indonesia, male gen-z