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Market Penetration Strategy For Frost Sensitive Skin

Vincent Handojo, Salfitrie Roos Maryunani


Abstract. The pet’s health is the responsibility of the owner. Research has shown that allergic condition in dogs is associated with chicken in the dog’s diet. In Indonesia, dog food is sourced from fish made to combat acute/sensitive skin conditions, namely Frost Sensitive Skin. Frost has been around in the Indonesian pet food market since 2016. Frost has always lack of marketing effort since the company that imported it relied on the salesman. With this market penetration strategy, it aims to add the marketing effort for the product to increase its awareness among dog owners in Indonesia. The conceptual framework will be Ansoff Matrix, with external analysis as Porter’s Five Forces and internal analysis SWOT. The author should consider implementing this marketing penetration strategy for Frost Sensitive Skin.


Keywords: pet food; super premium dog food; sensitive skin; market penetration strategy


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