Customer Journey and Marketing Strategy for Smart Pharmacy in Indonesia


  • Irham Yurahmaji
  • Fitri Aprilianty
  • Niken Larasati
  • Agnesia Candra Sulyani


New company models use digitization to shift customer expectations to respond to the changing market. However, smart pharmacy has not been established in Indonesia. The buyer persona identifies who buys the company’s products, and the customer journey collects all the prospects and actions customers take with a business. This study use interview, observation, and benchmarking as its methodology. The data sources from the methodology, namely data from the interviews of the pharmacy customers and the pharmacy business owners, observations, and benchmarking then used to determine the customer journey and the ideal buyer persona. The results of this study show that to develop a customer-based experience strategy for smart pharmacy in Indonesia with the data from the buyer persona and customer journey. Based on this study, the customer journey should be split into two paths, the customer journey of buying online and offline, based on the customers’ needs. The customer journey was designed with the implementation plans in such a way with three primary considerations: must solve customer problems and pain points, have not been implemented or different from other pharmacies in Indonesia, and must focus on relevant technologies for establishing smart pharmacies in Indonesia.

Keywords: Buyer Persona, Customer Journey, Pharmaceutical Industry, Smart Pharmacy, Technology