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Analysis of Human Resources Aspects in Perdana Wisata Hotel: An Ethnographic Study

Mohamad Fazari Kiano, Anggara Wisesa


A b s t r a c t. Hotels nowadays is a primary need for travelers and tourist.This business industry main element is human resources. It shows the management of Human Resources in Hotel Industry has to be qualified according to the standard of the industry itself. Thus, for companies who sell services as their products, indirectly they sell what they managed in Human Resources. The author of this thesis elaborates the problems of Perdana Wisata, which are employment related. The symptoms of the problems emerges from Minimum Return of Asset, Unoptimized Labor Productivity, and no Employees Turnover. Moreover, from the external element, the occupancy rate of the hotel keeps degrading throughout the years. This thesis elaborates the factor in the perspective of Human Resource Study of Hotel Industry. Using qualitative data analysis methods, the author tried to expound the research object of Perdana Wisata Hotel, a hotel company which stands in Bandung, Indonesia.


Keyword(s) : Hotel, Human Resource Management (HRM) Activities, Internal Factors

Affecting HRM Activities, Ethnography


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