Journal of Innovation, Business and Entrepreneurship

Journal of Innovation, Business and Entrepreneurship is intended to be an effective channel of communications and knowledge sharing among various types of stakeholder interested in the study of innovation, business and entrepreneurship, both from a theoretical and practical perspective. While theoretical aspects are considered as important, the journal however tends to be focussed more on practical aspects of innovation, business and entrepreneurship. A distinctive feature of the journal is in addressing issues of innovation, business and entrepreneurship in start-ups and micro/small-and-medium enterprises located in developing countries, in particular the ones that are in the ASEAN region. The journal deals with topics such as on the criticality of innovation for companies, how innovation emerges in particular companies, how creativity plays a critical role for innovation, how business model is developed, how new product development is managed, how start-ups can be managed efficiently and effectively from an operations perspective, how commercialization of new product is effectively managed, how start-ups can penetrate to the market and increase their market share, what organisational aspects influence the success of entrepreneurship and innovation (e.g., human capital, decision making, organisation structure, project management), how financial aspects are addressed in activities related to innovation and entrepreneurship, how institution influences entrepreneurship, what kinds of business ecosystem that are favourable for start-ups, and what appropriate government policies that foster innovation, business and entrepreneurship.  The targeted readers of this journal are student, researcher, practitioner and policy maker whom are interested on issues of innovation, business and entrepreneurship in start-ups and small-and-medium enterprises located in developing countries. The journal publishes both original empirical research and conceptual papers. 

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Vol 2, No 1 (2017)

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Servqual Analysis of PT Dago Wisata Umroh Service PDF
Novrisky Yuska, Evy Rachmawati Chaldun
Business Model of Established Publisher Analysis to Conduct New Business Model for Ataru Publisher PDF
Risa Suadiani, Sudrajati Ratnaningtyas
Fruitful Packaging : Consumer Preferences Toward Fresh Fruit Packaging for Gift PDF
Dimas Ammar Azhari, Reza Ashari Nasution
The Relationship of MSME Owner's Financial Literacy Score and MSMEs Performance (Case Study of MSMEs in School of Business and Management at Institut Teknologi Bandung) PDF
Dedy Syahputra Sijabat, Taufik Faturohman
Product Development Strategy of Duftende Indonesia PDF
Della Yunia Hogiana, Dina Dellyana
Child's Style Influence on Parents Buying Decision Process at Nata De Coco Beverages Product in Bandung City PDF
Iden Darmawan, Rendra Chaerudin
How Was The Role of Human Resource Planning in The Quality of Production Process at Nédirzanit Company PDF
Ummi Azizah, Rudy Bekti
The Influence of Integrated Marketing Communication of Mom's Willingness to Buy PDF
Yoko Sariputra, Evy Rachmawati Chaldun
Factors Influence Purchase Intention Towards Hairstyling Industry in Bandung PDF
Gama Panigara, Sudrajati Ratnaningtyas
An Analysis of Appreciative Intelligence to Time Management on Successful Millennials as The Culinary Business Owner in Bandung PDF
Risa Pratiwi, Anggara Wisesa
Proposed the New Product Concept Development in GRAN Company PDF
Nanda Nyayu Sekaryani, Sudrajati Ratnaningtyas
Integrated Marketing Communication for GRAN. PDF
Abby Nabilla Surya Rinjani, Dina Dellyana
New Product Development for Furniture Business (Case Study:Work to Create) PDF
Fadly Rizky Ramadhan, Dina Dellyana
Improving Infinity Haircut Financial Performance using Financial Statements Projection PDF
Taufik Harisman, Asep Darmansyah
New Product Development Strategy of HEIMA Supply PDF
Patricius Praditya, Dina Dellyana
An Exploration of Fitting Start-Up Incubator for University Students in Bandung PDF
Muhammad Fikri Akbar, Leo Aldianto