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Jurnal Manajemen Teknologi

Jurnal Manajemen Teknologi merupakan salah satu publikasi ilmiah yg diterbitkan oleh SBM ITB, dalam kerangka untuk mendorong pengembangan praktik dan teori manajemen di Indonesia melalui penyebarluasan temuan-temuan hasil riset di bidang sains dan kasus manajemen. Jurnal ini dikenal secara luas dikalangan praktisi dan akademisi di Indonesia sebagai 'The Indonesian Journal for the Science of Management' yang mencakup bidang-bidang antara lain: Knowledge and People Management, Operations and Performance Management, Business Risk, Finance and Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Strategic Business and Marketing and Decision Making and Strategic Negotiation.

Jurnal Manajemen Teknologi ( ManTek ) sudah terakreditasi "B" berdasarkan Keputusan Direktur Jendral Pendidikan Tinggi, Departemen Pendidikan Nasional Nomor: 81/DIKTI/Kep/2011. Masa Berlaku 5 (lima) tahun sejak tanggal ditetapkan.

Print ISSN: 1412-1700; Online ISSN: 2089-7928

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The Asian Journal of Technology Management (AJTM)

The Asian Journal of Technology management aims to promote interdisciplinary research regarding the special problems and opportunities related to technology management fields in Asia and its effects beyond. It publishes papers by worldwide scholars, practitioners, and those interested in Asian technology development under one of these classifications research paper, viewpoint, conceptual paper, case study, literature review. The journal is intended as an instrument for individuals conducting research on technology management at both micro and macro level of analysis as well as its relationship with other managerial functions such as operations, marketing finance, and human resource.

Researchers, educator, senior practitioners in the areas of technology economics, research and development, innovation management, technology management, technology transfer, technology and business strategy will find the journal interest.

The uniqueness factor of Asian Journal of Technology Management is the scope of study which views the intersect of Technology and Management in a fashionable and unique way in creating competitive advantage of corporations and nations in Asia. As we are facing a fast changing Asia, where old customs and tradition meet technology adoption and the government, industry, corporations; the journal intends to take part in the swift change and is filling a niche in  the journal business. There is no other journal that intersects Technology Management and micro-macro level analyzes in the continent of Asia where extensive and considerable shift of technology adoption is in a fast pace.

AJTM Journal are covered in several leading abstracting and indexing databases including:


Print ISSN: 1978-6956; Online ISSN: 2089-791X



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MBA-ITB Business Review

Terdorong untuk ikut berperan serta menyumbangkan pengetahuan yang dimiliki bagi peningkatan kinerja elemen bangsa, program studi MBA ITB sebagai salah satu pilar pendidikan di bawah SBM ITB menghadirkan MBA ITB Business Review di hadapan anda. Business Review ( BR ) hadir dengan motto Sharing Knowledge, Improving Performance. Berbagi pengetahuan untuk meningkatkan daya saing bangsa dalam tatanan bisnis internasional.

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Journal of Business and Management

Journal of Business and Management (JBM)is an online journal that is published three times a year. It publishes research papers that give rigorous theoretical and practical insight of business and managament. JBM aims to provide a forum for the dissemination of theory application and research in all areas of business and management, including but are not limited to marketing, business strategy, decision science and decision-making, strategic negotiation, finance, business risk, knowledge management, human capital management, technology management, entrepreneurship, and others relevant subjects. It is intended for researchers, students, business practitioners, and entrepreneurs to publish their ideas and experiences, and share their knowledge on business and management issues.

Print ISSN: 2252-3898; Online ISSN: 2252-3308

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The Indonesian Journal of Business Administration

The Indonesia Journal of Business Administration(IJBA) is a business journal that bridges the gap between business research and practice, evaluating and reporting on new research to help readers identify and understand significant trends in their fields.

The IJBA seeks to publish papers relating to business, broadly defined. It publishes articles that address both theoretical and practical issues in the broad areas of Business Strategy and Marketing, People and Knowledge Management, Entrepreneurship and Technology Management, Decision Making and Strategic Negotiation, Operation and Performance Management, and Business Risk and Finance.Contributing academicians and researchers are encouraged to address a variety of concerns relating to all areas of business. We also encourage students to use an interdisciplinary approach to analyzing a topic, which often yields interesting and novel papers.

The published articles provide valuable insight into matters of broad intellectual and practical concern to academicians and business professionals. The Journalis published three times a year: in April, July and October.

The journal is mainly an outlet of MBA ITB students to publish their final project works, although it also accepts articles written by students at masters level from other institutions. A published paper is an honor that will be unambiguously beneficial for professional and academic careers, especially for those who want to attend graduate/professional schools.

This means that papers written in relations to Accounting, Economics, Finance, Marketing, Management, Operations Management, Information Systems, Business Law, Corporate Ethics, and Public Policy all qualify for submission. Information on the journal format can be found in the journal's website. The number of pages must be at 10 pages. After published, the journal article will be available electronically at the journal's website.

Print ISSN: 2252-3464; Online ISSN: 2252-9284

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The Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

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